I are Whitney W. Houghton. I am an extremely bald 30 years old. I was hatched and mostly raised in a wonderful town called Boise, ID. I have spent the past few years nomadically meandering acrossed the Western United States only to end up here in beautiful Wyoming. In spite of popular opinion, the people that I have met here greatly make up for anything lacking. (Except for indigenous TREES, of course.)

Well, to be honest, I really can't remember what it's like not to be a percussionist. I was raised by an extremely musical family. My parents had a traveling country-cover band for most of my childhood. So I guess that you would say that I was born into it. To my mother's dismay, I began banging on things before I could talk. I started receiving training at around six years of age. Simply because my mom can't stand the lack of rhythm of any kind.

Through out all the instruments that I had experimented with over the years, I have always been a drummer. I really didn't get serious until I was about eleven. Becoming a part of this awesome band/family has made me realize just how much of my formal training I have forgotten over the years. Although, I have been yearning for a new challenge lately. I just didn't think that it would be an old one all over again.

I think that it's essential to be inspired. Don't you?


Snare Drummer